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Excellent Noise Eliminator

We provide a wide range of high-frequency electronic components as filters. Filters play an important role to pick up the signals in therequired frequency and eliminate unnecessary signals in the frequencies.

  • EMI Filters
  • RF Filters

Suppress Noise in Various Situations

General Features:

  • Realizes high attenuation and high cut-off frequency
  • Realizes ultra mini size and low RDC

Produce Your Ideal Filters

Xcompo offers standard electronic components, and you cancustomized specified filters up to your products’ noise suppressing standards.

There are important specification values to customize a filter:

  • Size
  • Rated Current
  • Inductance
  • DCR
  • Tolerance


  • S06 Signal receiver img

    Signal Receiver

    Filters are necessary for wireless devices such as signal receivers because they have the function of letting through only the frequency of the required signal and remove any unwanted signals.

  • S06 DCDC Converter img

    DC/DC Converter

    Filters are necessary on the inputs and outputs of DC-DC converters. It can degrade electrical performance parameters of the DC-DC such as efficiency, regulation, and stability.

  • S06 Headphone img


    To improve reception sensitivity with minimal impact on sound quality. It is necessary to use filters for audio lines to suppress noise.