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A Protector for Electronic Components

The resistors are manufactured in a rectangular parallelepiped shape to ensure that they can be surface-mounted. The resistors are universal passive components that are most widely used in electronic circuits together with capacitors. They regulate current and drop voltage in circuits.

  • Thermistors: Resistance changes with the change of temperature applying for temperature sensing, overcurrent protection and so on.
  • Varistors: Varistors vary resistance with the applied voltage, and asa result, they are used for spike and surge protection.

Materials Suit for Applications

General Features:

  • Small and ultrasmall in size, thin in terms of thickness, and lightweight
  • Reflow and flow brazing methods can be applied.
  • Low Inductance
  • Proper standard size that can be packed with the chip mounter
  • Electrodes that use lead-free soldering
  • Compliance with Reach RoHS

Fully Customized Resistors Solutions

Focusing on your requirements, budgets, and exceed your expectations is our principle. ZXcompo’s resistors provide the required specific features and functions to meet your design.

The key resistor specifications are listed below:

  • Voltage
  • Size
  • Impedance
  • Power Rating
  • Tolerance


  • S06 Printer img


    Use resistors allowing components to operate with accuracy when the temperature increases. The temperature at which the toner is heated should be controlled. If it is too high, the paper will be damaged.

  • S06 Set Top Box img

    Set-Top Box

    When opening a set-top box, the resistor plays the function of protecting the circuit and improving the reliability of the electronic system.

  • S06 Ammeter img


    Resistors play a necessary function for ammeters. It can protect the circuit from breaking when an ammeter is working.